The Economic Consequences of Immigration into the United States: Figures

Julian L. Simon (see also vita, bio, and writings)
College of Business and Management, University of Maryland, College Park
*Figure II-1
Ten Year Moving Average Number of Immigrants, 1830-1993
*Figure II-2
Ten Year Moving Average Rate of Immigration, 1830-1993 (per 1000 Total US Population)
*Figure II-2c
Immigrant Arrivals of Wroking Age (15-54) as a Percentage of Civilian Labor Force
*Figure II-3
Total Size of the Foreign-Born Population, 1850-1990
*Figure II-4
Immigrants as a Percentage of the Population, 1850-1990
*Figure II-5
Foreign Born as a Proportion in Selected Countries, 1920-1994
*Figure II-6
Undocumented Alien Population, 1980-1992
*Figure II-7
Mexican Guestworkers in the United States and apprehensions of illegal entrants, 1943-78
*Figure III-1
Age and Sex Distributions of U.S. Population and Immigrants Admitted in Fiscal Year 1993
*Figure III-3
Average Amounts of Education (New Immigrants/Natives)
*Figure III-4
Natives and New Immigrants with 8 Years or Less Education, US 1990
*Figure III-5
Natives and New Immigrants with 16 Years of More Education, US 1990
*Figure III-6
Occupation of Immigrants and US Citizens - 1987
*Figure III-7
Number of Doctorates Awarded in Science and Engineering to Citizens and Non-citizens
*Figure III-8
Percentage of Doctorates Awwarded in Science and Engineering
*Figure III-9
Education by Type of Country and Birth, 1990
*Figure III-10
Average Household Income, by Type of Country of Birth, 1990
*Figure III-11
Years of Education by Region of Origin
*Figure VI-1
Government Expenditure per Immigrant and per Native, 1990'2
*Figure IX-1
U.S. Public Favoring Less Immigration

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