Resampling: A Better Way to Teach (and Do) Statistics

Julian L. Simon (see also vita, bio, and writings)
College of Business and Management, University of Maryland, College Park
*Part I
First, The Facts of Success, Then the Problem
*Chapter I-1
The Statistical Results of Resampling Instruction
*Chapter I-2
On Statistics Teaching, Teachers, and Curricula
*Part II
Introduction to the Resampling Method As A Tool for Everyday Statistical Work
*Chapter II-1
First Thoughts About Resampling for Work and Learning
*Chapter II-2
The Basic Techniques of Resampling
*Chapter II-3
The Saga of Resampling
*Part III
On the Teaching of Resampling and Statistics
*Chapter III-1
A Lesson in Resampling Statistics
*Chapter III-2
How to Teach Resampling Stats Along With a Standard Text
*Chapter III-3
On Teaching Resampling as a Basic Tool for Everyday Work
*Chapter III-4
The Pedagogical Uses of Puzzles
*Chapter III-5
Pitfalls to Avoid, and Some Practical Tips [under construction]
*Part IV
The Nature of Resampling
*Chapter IV-1
Why Statistics is So Difficult, and Why Resampling is Easier
*Chapter IV-2
Why the Formal Method in Statistics is Usually Theoretically Inferior
*Part V
Special Topics
*Chapter V-1
Mathematics and Statisticians
*Chapter V-2
An Artificial Tutor That Teaches Statistics Effectively
*Chapter V-3
RESAMPLING STATS Compared to Other Computer Languages [under construction]
*Part VI
The Future of Resampling
*Chapter VI-1
Why Johnnies (and Maybe You) Hate Math and Statistics
*Chapter VI-2
The Future of Resampling Statistics

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